Saturday, March 23, 2013

New and Hipper

Yeah, I know it's been a while, but I really do have some good excuses.  The jam business has turned into more of a jam and peanut butter business, with orders-a-plenty busying up the holidays and the farmers' markets.  We've also gotten quite a few local wholesale requests from coffee shops, bakeries, and produce markets.  I'm happy to have my PB&J wherever the local foodies frequent.  Also, you can't blame a girl for taking care of herself more than her blog, right?  Enough said about all that.  The point is, the jamming is good, thanks to all of our awesome customers.

Now, more about me.  You'll see over on the right of my blog that I am a self-classified "runner."  I sort of think that once a person has been running for a good while, technically speaking, no matter how fast or slow, how short or long the distance, one is a runner.  However, I have not been actually running for over a year due to a bum hip.  Suddenly after I turned 40, I felt pain in my hip.  It was drastic and sharp.  I could barely walk, forget about run.  It happened abruptly while running one day.  And I run slow, so seriously, I was not pushing it.  I just couldn't run or walk without severe shooting pain in my hip.  That pain spread all around the hip joint and led me eventually to see a doc to have it checked out.  The short version is, after some physical therapy, a couple of cortisone shots, and some chiropractic care, I was told I needed a new hip.  Actually, I was told that from the beginning of the doctor's visits, but because of my age, doctors wanted to take other measures to see if we could make the pain go away without replacing body parts.  Bad from birth I was told, with the ball just not fitting the socket properly.  Thus the socket was chipping away where the ball was running into it in all the wrong places.  In the x-rays you could actually see one of the little chips floating around my hip joint.  Gross, I know.  Anyway, last week I got a new hip, and here's what it looks like, except this one's about double the size of the one in my body now.  And yes, the new hip is pink.  How cool is that?

So now, one week later, I'm up walking with a cane, driving my kids to local Maple Syrup Weekend events, getting over it.  They say that people who have had this Anterolateral Hip Replacement surgery can look forward to resuming ALL regular activities within three months.  Does this mean I'll go back to running?  Already, although I am still bruised and swollen, exhausted after being up for a couple of hours, and it's obvious I am growing into parts that are not originally mine, I feel the running itch.  It would probably not be the smartest idea to take it up again, but we'll see...  I think I'm a runner.  

Having said all that, I do love hiking too, and it's probably better on the joints.  See you out there soon.