Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maine Maple Syrup Season

My grandfather used to collect sap on the farm and make maple syrup.  Since he passed away, and since my brother Ed and his wife Sarah took over the farm, they have taken charge of the sap-collecting in what is now our neighborhood.  The old sap house still stands at the bottom of our hill, and our community of siblings and cousins still all take part in celebrating spring by hanging around the sap house on what is now known to be "Redneck Saturday."  I think Ed and Sarah decided to formally name their not-so-formal celebration day in lieu of what is more popularly known to be Maple Syrup Weekend in New England.  Our little festival entails gathering around the sap house, bringing the kids along on the 4-wheeler to collect sap, taking turns putting wood in the fire, and having a beer or two.  It's a terrific family and friends event, and everyone goes home with syrup.  The boiling continues beyond Redneck Saturday of course, and you can pick up your own Anderson Farms syrup at their farm stands in the summer.

Gathering sap on the back of "The Flame," Ed's 4-wheeler, is a highlight of the day for our kids. 
The Sap House:  Where the Magic Happens

Ed and I watching the sap boil.  He's probably actually doing something productive while I stand there and get warm.
This really is what it looks like in the house when sap's-a-boiling.  And it smells SO good.
Ed filtering sap from the boiling pans.
We miss you, Uncle Brian.  Don't worry-- the boiling continues!
Sam takes his dad's seat in the sap house.

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