Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Secret SO Big

I brought Sour Fiddlehead Pickles to the Kennebunk Farmers Market this past Saturday.  The market was a big success, and I met a ton of awesome people.  A lot of people asked what a fiddlehead is and where you can pick them.  Truth be told, I needed help finding some fiddleheads myself, and in  differentiating them from their unedible neighbors, so I reached out to family, begged and pleaded until I got answers (and used some blackmailing techniques), until I finally got what I wanted:  Fiddlehead foraging with the family.

No, I will not let you in on the location of the fiddleheads found below.  I will be banned from all future family happy hours if I divulge any information on the whereabouts of local fiddleheads.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, a fiddlehead is a fern just like all other ferns, except it's a specific fern.  Confuse you enough?  It's officially called an "ostrich fern," and you can tell it apart from other ferns by the "v" shape of its stem and the papery stuff  on the outside of the head.  I won't go into more detail.  More detail is all over the internet.  (Thanks Keith and Ed for not making me look all over the internet.)


  1. Wow! What WON'T you put into jars!! You are amazing.

  2. Yummy - looks so good, fresh and healthy. LOVE IT!
    PS - Any resolution to that situation? Or, should I get gramps on it again?