Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fantastic Fryeburg

This year's Fryeburg Fair was amazing for both Above the Dam Jam and me personally.  I met so many new friends, reunited with many old friends and family members, and reminisced with several former students and colleagues from all over New England.  I talked canning with hundreds of foodies, connected with other local jammy businesses, and created new business relationships along with way with individuals, New England kitchens, and local specialty shops.  I can't say enough about how awesome the week was.  Having said all of that, by far the best part of the week was sharing it with so many family members who also spent time at the fair.  Hope to see you all again next year!

These beef cows were raised by my brother Ed and our cousin Ron, with most of the work load resting on the shoulders of my niece Sage and our cousin Cory, both who showed cows all week.
Sage:  The Cow Whisperer.  She won like a zillion awards showing cows, as well as they even made up a special award for her overall participation and helpfulness as a 4H member and farm kid.  This one's heading to college for agriculture next fall.
My cousin Allison hung out at the barn, working through the week at the fair, as well as keeping up with her own school work.  Don't worry, I checked.  She was getting it done!
Make sure you pick up this year's Christmas tree from our Meserve cousins at Boiling Spring Tree Farm in Dayton.  This tree was raised up onto its own platform to show it off as a winner at Fryeburg.  

Joe took time off from work to be up in Fryeburg with me.  He loved every second of it and was super supportive.  Lucky to be in love with a man like this one!
Every day I had relief from family members who stopped by to let me take a break for a bit.  When Aunt Carol and my mom showed up, Auntie took the money, while my mom "worked the floor" (her words!).  Those ladies can sell pickles!  Also note the amazing set up Joe spent hours-into-days building for me out of planed wood that came from farm trees our cousins cut down years ago.  Our. Display. Rocked.  I can say so since I really had little to do with it.

These girls were so incredibly patient throughout what ended up being a crazy week mostly spent without their mother.  They traveled back and forth to Fryeburg quite a few times, and of course we toured the fair scene, experienced fair food, and even had one or two fair meltdowns.  All in all they were terrific.  This pic is actually taken on our last trip home from Fryeburg after an apple picking stop on the way.  Glad to be home with them now!

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