Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jar Swap, 2010

We had a terrific turn out for our first ever Jar Swap--  yes, I capitalized it.  I should probably come up with a different name for the actual event though.  Jar Jam?  Jar Bar?  Extravajarza?  Jar Swap will suffice for now.  Fifteen of my favorite local ladies showed up with 15 of whatever they had processed in jars to share with the masses.  Everyone was so proud of their accomplishments-- especially our first-time canners-- and with good reason!  Check out the results:

What we have here is a batch each of stewed tomatoes (grown and made by the farmer herself), apple pie filling, hot pickles, zucchini relish, cinnamon apple jelly, cranberry-apple jam, raspberry jam, chunky apple sauce, peach salsa, cinnamon apple butter, pesto, caramel sauce, hot plum-pepper jam, marinara sauce (thanks, Mom!), and caramel corn (in a jar, gone in moments).  A nice variety of seasonal local fruits and veggies.  The whole process was truly a highlight of my year.  Who knows what next year's swap will bring?  Regulars at the farm-stand have been jealous hearing about the event.  No, really, they have.  I even had one lady tell me on Friday that she was going to show up to my house with 15 jars of canned stew and hope she could snag a few jars of everyone else's stuff on the spot.  I told her I'd trade with her instead.  Besides, she doesn't know where I live. 


  1. Thanks for hosting such a fun time. I look forward to next year's bounty.
    Sherry S.

  2. It was fun! Carmel corn, half of the rasp jam and carmel sauce is gone already!!

  3. Hello from Fl. I thought I posted before but I don't think it "took". Anyway, the 2 cases of jam that I brought home to Florida were distributed to friends and co-workers. One friend who was given the blueberry jam said it is one of the best gifts she ever received! Everyone just raved about their flavors. You are on to something big . . . very big! Have a great winter and I hope to see you next summer. Jane

  4. Great idea Sue, wished we lived a tad bit closer.