Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting Greener

I'm not sure why Joe wanted me to pick these up, but I love looking at them. Ruby tried to bite into one because we were out of apples. She was unpleasantly surprised!
Here's my attempt at making two cakes at once. It's our first genuine birthday party for the twins. Charlie said she wanted a "magical fairy princess" cake, and Ruby said she wanted a "magical ballerina" cake, but I was able to convince them that flowers and butterflies are just as magical and beautiful. I'm going to reconfigure the flower pot cake to look like one big flower-- I'm not in love with the way it came out this way.

I keep saying, "Maybe we should think about a ride-on mower," but Joe likes the old, and I mean old, push mower. It takes him 2 hours to do the whole yard. It was dark when he finished up last night. All in the name of a good toddler party!

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