Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Virginia I

We left for Virginia on the 3rd, and we just arrived home on the 11th.  It was our longest trip away from home with the kids, and I hereby admit it was a success.  The girls are getting easier and easier to travel with, so we were able to throw in some fun events on the way.  I took 400 photos while we were gone.  I overdo it with the camera completely intentionally all the time, as I figure I'm bound to get a few decent shots out of the hundreds I take.  Here are some of the things we encountered during the first couple days of our vacation.


 The Crayola Factory, Easton, PA.  We had a good time here, and there were plenty of arts and crafts to be conquered.  Our girls were not prepared to sit still for any amount of time however, so we mostly took in the on-your-feet exhibits and programs designed for younger kids.   

The Canal Museum, Easton, PA.  This place was just as fun for our kids as Crayola.  Interactive physical fun is the way to go after several hours in a minivan. 

Easton, PA Farmer's Market, the oldest farmer's market in America, is right across the street from Crayola on  Saturday mornings.  It delivers terrific local peaches and plums, Amish fare and wares, and local jam at 6 bucks a jar.   No, I didn't buy any.  It just made me want to buy a crate of peaches and make some myself, but I didn't do that either.  Next time, I swear!

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