Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plum Crazy

Erin thought I ought to name this stuff "Plum Crazy," but I decided to go with "Hot Plum Pepper Jam" instead.  That way people know what it is.  Inspired by Under the High Chair's 2009 Jam Swap, I invited 15 of my favorite locals to a jar swap, to be held this Friday.  Rather than do my recent favorite, Peach Habanero, I decided to make up this new little plum ditty just for the ladies at the swap.  Actually, I do like that name:  "Plum Ditty."  Maybe I'll go with that instead.  Who cares if they know what it is.  They'll figure out it's hot when they spread a big spoonful onto their toast some early morning.  Here's the process:



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