Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bird dogs, Bird Eggs, and Bird Guts (you've been warned)

Bubba truly believes he can climb this tree to follow the nut hatch.  With his whole being  he believes it. 

Joe worked so hard making sure there was enough room for all the chickens to lay eggs.  Still, each day we find all the eggs in one box.  Maybe we need more chickens...

And turkey season begins.  I love the unintentional Deliverance thing going on here.  I have to admit, and sorry to all you veggies out there, our family ate this bird the very day Joe took its life. 


  1. You need a few more cars in your yard to go with the Deliverance look!!

  2. I love that picture of Bubba, that's one determined doggie!

    PS - I tagged you!

  3. So does that make 3 dogs, I read about a pup on your last post and I see two dogs in the picture on this post. I have never cooked up sunfflower seeds but have done plenty of pumpkin & squash seed, delish!