Monday, February 14, 2011

Biddeford Winter Farmers Market

It was preceded by quite a bit of local publicity.  All the Southern Maine newspapers covered the story, and the locals were abuzz about the upcoming event.  It would be Biddeford's first farmers' market, and in the middle of February at that.  The donated mill space is part of the old Pepperell building where we used to go to get factory sale blankets with my mom when we were kids.  It's right over the bridge from Main Street in Saco, on the Biddeford side of the river, of course.

 I walked in around 8:10 on Saturday morning to find my ample 10x10 space taped off by Deanna Weaver, the market's organizer and owner of Biddeford's Sweet Specialist.  While D. and many of the rest of the vendors (including me) appeared apprehensive and nervous about how the day would go, we were all relieved by 9:30 when storms of locals appeared at the mill to welcome our presence.  It was a terrific first day.  I sold tons of jam, and I'm pretty sure everyone who had food for sale sold out before we closed up at 1:00.  Hopefully the trend will continue.  More info and feedback in the weeks to come. Thanks, Southern Maine, and hope to see you there next Saturday!    


  1. Welcome to the world of winter farmer's markets. There has been a very successful one in Orono for years and now they are springing up all over including one on MDI. At the very least they are a great social event for winter and hopefully provide some wonderful food.

  2. That is awesome. I am going to send this to my friend Mary. She is down that area every weekend, her boyfriend owns the dog wash in Portland.