Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin Fever Anecdotes

We've been trying to get our cat Woodpile to stay outside more during the day so that he will sleep instead of terrorize us all night with his nocturnal antics.  This has led to some desparation on his part.  Poor cat.  Wants to be in where it's warm now, but he really wants to be out running, falling asleep in the sun, and watching the birds.  I know how he feels.

Another cold day, I came out of our bedroom to find this on the middle of our island counter.  Joe had replaced the big fruit bowl with this giant troll, which he brought into the marriage, and which I am removing from the marriage.  It scares the heck out of the kids.  

And finally, I cleaned out the refrigerator.  When you make batches and batches of jam, you have little leftover amounts that won't fill up jars, so you put them in jars in the fridge to feed your family and yourself later.  Over time, as I am now aware since cleaning, these amount to literally dozens of partially filled emptied jars.  Who knows what's in half of these?  Now they're empty, and my fridge is emptier too.  Can I call this spring cleaning even though it's only February?



  1. Poor Kitty! He sounds just like Wendy's cat- young, male cat = hell on wheels!

  2. Love that picture. Teach him right for keeping you up!