Monday, April 16, 2012

Bravery is Relative

Over the last few years I've developed a serious fear of heights.  I never liked high places, but now when I am not at ground level, I actually physically react in a way over which I have very little control.  I get what must be vertigo (can't keep my balance), and panic sets in.  Typically I just avoid high places, including stairwells under which I can see the space between flights, and ferris wheels-- that kind of thing.  I know it's irrational, but it happens anyway.  So, I felt pretty good about myself, having climbed up this ladder this morning to put up what the girls call the "birdie condo."

Here's the dramatic photo of how high I climbed (risking my life) for the sake of my children's happiness:

Here's reality.  I was desperately hugging the tree with one arm while equally as desperately hammering the nails in with the other hand just enough so the houses wouldn't fall.  I think I left my extra nails up there before hurrying down to solid ground.  I left the ladder so Joe can "confirm" (re-do/alter/finish) my work.

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