Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Days of Peace, Love, and Acidified Foods

Today I signed up for this fall's upcoming Better Process Control School at the University of Maine.  Yeah, I know the fall seems like a long time from now.  But it's a course you have to take if you want to sell pickles to the public within the standards of the FDA, they only offer it every other fall in odd years.  While talking to the woman at Maine's Cooperative Extension (she was lovely), I learned the course is three days and takes place in Orono, which is rather far from here to travel back and forth for three days, don't you think?  She was going on about course details, the acidified versus non-acidified parts of the class, things I would need to plan for, and yet all I could think about was being away for three days, albeit in Orono, with no responsibility outside of the class.  No kids.  No responsibility outside of the class.  I interupted her to ask where I would stay while there.  I think I sort of caught her off guard actually.  She thought I'd be more interested in what she was saying, of course.  Suddenly I imagined myself napping in the afternoon between class sessions, drinking my own personal bottle of wine each night, maybe lounging in a hot tub-- totally uninterupted peace.  If you're a mom, you understand that I love my girls.  I mean I  LOVE  them with all my being.  But can a girl get a couple days of peace?  I shall shout it from the rooftops:  "THANK YOU, PICKLES!!!"  And thank you, lady at Maine Cooperative Extension, for suggesting several hotels in the Bangor area.


  1. Sue! This is SO exciting! Good for you!!!

    I went to college at UMAINE in Orono and just be glad you'll be heading there in the FALL for only 3 days and NOT the Winter! Anyway, The Country Inn in Bangor is close and right off the highway - we stayed there years ago and it isn't too expensive and right near the mall (if you can call it a mall). Also the Black Bear Inn is right in Orono, maybe overpriced but decent. Feel free to email me with any other questions! Can't wait to read all about your class!

  2. I too was going to suggest the Country Inn in Bangor. It is sort of at the junction of Hogan Road and Stillwater Ave. I've stayed there a few times. It is quiet, clean,the price is right and they include a fairly substantial breakfast. It is also pet friendly if you choose to have a canine companion join you. You will be about 1 hour from Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park if you choose to be adventurous.