Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Corner

In our house, the girls are issued a time out when they can not change a negative behavior when we ask them to.  Right now Charlie is in the habit of saying, "Bad Mommy!" if I say something she doesn't want to hear, such as, "No, you may not eat Jello for breakfast."  This is something both sisters have already tried out, but she is starting to follow their lead on these things.  So, off to the corner she goes.  We don't call it a "naughty chair" (though I do love Supernanny), or make them apologize or anything.  They just have time out, which they know to be "Going to the Corner."  Don't freak out-- we do give them lots of positive feedback and encouragement, and we redirect them whenever possible-- if it's doable.  I know I should probably be sent to the corner for taking a photo of my kid while she spends time in the corner, but I didn't even send her there, so it seemed ok.  She actually took herself to the corner after hitting Addie today.  You can see she's really been working on her dirty looks.

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