Monday, May 17, 2010

Seeing Red

In flipping through some of the photos I took over the weekend, I noticed a distinctive pattern.  What could this possibly mean?

My new incredibly awesome apron, direct from TJ Maxx.  Perfect color for jam-making, and has loops and pockets-- oh! oh! And it's even length-adjustable for the shorter-than-average cook.  Love it. 

Yeah, I know it looks like a blood bath.  In fact, it's the top view of my new birthday sieve, thanks to Mom.  It's a crazy huge, rather obscene really, attachment for my mixer.  It separates juice from pulp, just like using a cheese cloth, but without the endless wringing and smushing.  I supposed you could call it cheating.  Either way, you get the seeds out, and that's what matters when you're making jelly.

Cranberries, tons of sugar, and red hots.  Need I say more?


  1. are you making all these recipes up or are they family secret stuff?????