Thursday, May 6, 2010

Official Taste Testing

When the girls got up this morning and asked what was for breakfast, I put together a little taste-testing party for us. We had a great time just hanging out in our pj's, judging each sample of jam and other goodness, using a self-devised professional grading process we could all comprehend: Not Yummy, Yummy, or Super-Yummy. I'm happy to say that ALL the jam I made rated Super-Yummy. Yogurt (Stonyfield's, not mine) also rated high, as well as Mott's Cinnamon Apple Sauce. Even the kumquats reached Yummy status, and all agreed that while corn relish is Super-Yummy, it is not great for breakfast. The true test for me was to see which item each girl would choose to put on their toast for their actual breakfast, keeping in mind they had all just eaten a bunch of sweet stuff. Charlotte went for the "Rhubarb Pie Jam," as she called it, and as I will now call it. Addie chose the Rhubarb-Ginger. Ruby, being Ruby, climbed up onto her chair, ate everything on her plate, kumquat and relish included, climbed down and said, "It's all Super-Yummy Mommy," then jumped back down to go play with her stuffed animals.If you've never tried them before, kumquats are funky little citrus fruits that grow on trees and have a taste resembling a combination of orange and lemon. You eat the whole fruit, peel too. They're not for everyone --they can be slightly bitter-- but they're something different and pretty cute too.

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  1. Cool, we will have to try the kumquats. I bet Livy will eat it and Abby will stick up her nose!