Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Dollar Tree

The girls each earned a dollar for watching Grammie's cat Martha while she was away some time ago.  We had a morning of pretend shopping in our house with items I literally dumped out of our junk drawer in the kitchen.  They each had three fake dollars, and each item cost a dollar, so, in case you're math-challenged, they could each buy three things.  This was great fun for a while (no fighting), and the girls did a pretty good job choosing their goods, so we went to town so they could each spend their real money at a real store.  The Dollar Tree was the perfect place to try this out, since there really was no math involved-- it was all just about picking out one thing.  Check out the fake fingernails that came with the jewels Addie chose.  We taped them around her fingers and she wore them most of the day.  Then she realized she could do damage if she poked her sisters with them, so they had to go. 

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