Saturday, June 12, 2010

Maine Wildlife Park

When I'd had enough of kicking around the farm with the girls this week, I spontaneously decided to surprise them with a trip to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray.  Now, if you don't appreciate local wildlife up and close, then it's just that you don't remember at the age of 3 or 4 how incredibly cool it would be to not only see a baby deer, but to actually feed it.  Then right around the corner a white porcupine and his neighbor the scary fisher cat  waddle over to visit you.  Not to mention the enormous black bears, moose, mountain lions, and bald eagles who live in the park.  This place is a thrill for our kids every time we go, and it's a cheap one at that, since it is free for children under 4, and just a few bucks for everyone else.  Oh, and you really feel like you're supporting something good, as most of the animals in the park are there because they were orphaned, injured, or suffered some other personal tragedy.  The park provides safety, recuperation, and space for them to live. 


  1. This has to be on our list for the summer! Livy will really be into it this year and I won't be carrying her in the Bjorn. phew

  2. Their own "personal tragedy"...good one! We've never been, we should definitely stop by. Max would love it!